"God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in Him" -Piper

Confidence in God ‘An Introduction’

Confidence in God

An Introduction


We live in a very uncertain world on many levels. Consider the following:

  • The increase of natural disasters.
  • Capitalistic greed that has plunged the global economy into an uncertain future.
  • An ever increasing population explosion that cannot be sustained.
  • Global warming (even though this is still a heated debate among scientists).
  • Democracy verses the overthrow oligarchies.
  • The fragile state of the Middle East and the Western world’s quest for oil at any expense.
  • The continual threat of nuclear warfare.
  • Religious fundamentalism which has given rise to terrorist organizations that are hell-bent on sowing political and economic instability throughout the world.
  • The African continent that continues to be unstable politically, economically and socially. Africa continues to be an attraction for the global race between terrorist insurgence and China’s philosophy and practice of communism. Recently Hillary Clinton warned African leaders to be careful of entertaining China as their saviour. China has ulterior motives in Africa that could see a strong emergence of Communism in Africa.
  • The scourge of HIV Aids that is forming an unmanageable society of orphans who in turn fall prey to gangs and criminal behaviour (this trend is mainly in the emerging third world countries).
  • Illiteracy and starvation continues to be a huge global problem.
  • The threat of post modernism and the decreasing influence of the church[1]

The list could go on and on. However I believe that as this world grows darker and darker the light of the kingdom of God will grow stronger and stronger. As Christians we are not immune from any of the above catastrophes. Jesus warned us that in this world we will undergo many problems but we are to take heart in him because he has overcome the world (Jn 16:33). This is an irrefutable truth which must be embraced by the church; we are destined to be overcomers. Embracing this truth will put fire and confidence in our belly. And the greater that fire and confidence grows in the church the more visible we will become as contagious proclaimers that Jesus specialises in raising the dead to life. We must understand that the church is not defined by a decaying world nor by death but by resurrection!

We have a message of resurrection that must be declared to a world that is groaning for its redemption (Rom 8). But how should the church respond to this challenge? How do Christians stand strong in the midst of these enormous challenges? The answer I believe lies in a single word called confidence. In this series on confidence I will make use of the word confidence and turn it into the following acrostic.

C – Cast your cares on God.

O – Overcoming obstacles.

N – Negative people will come our way.

F – Faith in the faithfulness of God.

I – Integrity.

D – Discipline.

E – Enthusiasm.

N – Never give up.

C – Change when necessary.

E – Excellence.

I look forward to sharing casting your cares on God next week.

[1] For an in-depth study of global trends see Slavoj Zizek, Living in the End Times. This is a very academic book that assumes that the reader is steeped in philosophy and political science.


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