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Physical Healing, Ilness and Pastoral Care

Physical healing is my passion. This led me to do my doctorate on ‘Physical Healing in the Context of Pastoral Theology.’

This has been a tremendously rewarding journey for me. What I have learned is that sickness is a very complex subject that requires deep understanding. I am convinced that if we had a better understanding of sickness and the affect it has on a person, we would have far better results when praying for them.

Here is the course content which I teach at my healing schools:

1. God is willing to heal the sick today.

2. How do we pastorally care for those who are partially healed and still have to live within the confinement of their illness; and how do we care for those who are not healed at all.

3. Worldviews and miracles.

4. The healing ministry of Jesus.
a. How did Jesus understand sickness?
b. How did Jesus view healing?
c. Sin and sickness.
d. The centrality of the kingdom of God in the healing ministry of Jesus.
e. Physical healing and the kingdom of God.

5. The therapeutic effect of the kingdom of God and healing.

6. Illness from a theological, biomedical and psychological perspective.
a. The reality of illness.
b. What is illness?
c. Illness as an existential crisis.
d. Illness and suffering from a theological perspective.
e. An ancient paradigm for understanding illness, suffering and healing for pastoral theology
f. The biomedical model.
g. The psychological perspective on illness.

7. The therapeutic effect of faith.
a. A New Testament approach to faith for pastoral theology.
b. Faith to be healed.
c. The artificial use of faith.
d. The therapeutic effect of faith for pastoral theology.
d. Pastoral theology and diagnostic analysis to measure faith.

8. The therapeutic effect of Promissiotherapy (the promises of God).
a. Sickness and existential crisis.
b. The theologies of hope.
c. The therapeutic effect of hope theology for pastoral theology.
d. The therapeutic healing narratives.

9. God images and the role of the Holy Spirit in physical healing.

10. Healing models.

11. Pastoral care for the chronically ill or the terminally ill person.

If you would like to invite Richard to run a healing school in your church, you can contact him at:

Richard Maybery